Tie Guide

We have a fantabulous all encompassing tie guide coming soon but in the meantime, here is our tie guide in brief...

1. DO wear a tie. They look marvellous!

2. Your tie will be the first thing people notice. So DO make it classy!

3. The tip of your tie should be right at your belt line.

4. Choose a width of tie to match your bodyframe. Thin and slender then go skinny (4 or 5cm width). Medium build then a narrow tie (6cm to 7cm width) is for you. Heavy set? Then a standard tie (8cm to 9cm width) will be just what you are looking for.

5. Choose the right tie knot. The four in hand knot (probably the one you used at school) will work on pretty much any tie. Want to get fancy then try a windsor or half windsor knot!


If you're a cool dude and want to be bang on trend then here are the current hot tie looks...

1. The Knitted Skinny Tie - As Seen on... Robert Pattinson 

2. The Bow Tie - As seen on... One Direction and Pharrell Williams